For the past five years (since late 1998) I've spent some time transcribing some of the LPs in my personal collection (and a few of my wife's collection) into CD-R format. In most cases, the albums I chose for this process were ones which were not then, and never had been available as commercial CDs. In a few cases, I already owned the commercial CD release but was dissatisfied with the sound quality for one reason or another.

Some of these albums have since been released commercially on CD which I have purchased.

AirlordClockwork Revenge
Alice StuartFull Time Woman
Anthony DavisEpisteme
AssagaiAfrorockRerelease of Zimbabwe
Bhagvan DasAhtwo CDs
Brewer & ShipleyWeeds
Buffy Saint-MarieIlluminations
Circus MaximusNeverland RevisitedNow available on CD
Cracksi todo hiciera
David Riordan et alWarehouse Sound Co. & Friends
Gwen GundersonChapter To My LifeMaster tape transcription
Ian and SylviaGreatest Hitstwo CDs
It's A Beautiful DayChoice Quality Stuff / Anytime
Jade WarriorHorizen Now available on CD
Jade WarriorLast Autumn's DreamNow available on CD
Jade WarriorReflections
Jade WarriorReleasedNow available on CD
Jade Warriors/tNow available on CD
Joan BaezJoan
John RenbournSir John alot of...
John RenbournThe Lady and the Unicorn
Jonas PalmZe Wormnest (The Dragon's Lair)
Judy CollinsGolden Apples
Judy CollinsLiving
Judy Collinsthird album
Magna CartaLord of the AgesNow available on CD
Nina Simonesings the blues
Osamu KitajimaBenzaiten
Osamu KitajimaMasterless Samurai
Osamu KitajimaOsamu
Shelby FlintCast Your Fate to the Wind
Stomu YamashtaIrohaTen/Chi/Sui/Ka, three CDs
Stomu YamashtaRaindog
Stomu Yamashta, Stevie Winwood, et alGo
The Congress of WondersRevolting
The Groupself-titled (early Pekka Pohjola Group)Now available on CD
The Tomcatss/tw/ Second Thoughts
v/aAfro Rock FestivalSimba, Chaka, Grutz, Assagai
v/aEchoes of the 1920s
v/aEchoes of the 1930s
Yochk'o SefferGhilgoul