Hi! This mailing list was set up to serve as a focus for discussions concerning the British musical group Jade Warrior. Please read on.


This is an unmoderated mailing list, informally managed by Dave Platt. It has no official relationship to Jade Warrior or to any of the companies with which Jade Warrior has or has had business relationships, and may cease operating without warning at some indeterminate moment in the future. It is being operated in the hope of encouraging a continued (and increasing!) interest in the music of Jade Warrior.

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This mailing list is intended to be used for discussions about Jade Warrior and their music, news about the group's CDs (new and re-issued), and topics which can reasonably be considered to be related (e.g. other musicians or groups with a similar style of music). It's also OK for fans to submit in "for sale" and "wanted" messages - if you've got a mint copy of one of JW's original Vertigo LPs for sale, it's likely that somebody on this list will be interested.

Inappropriate use of the list

Commercial advertising is unwelcome here, and is strongly discouraged.

Private-party "wanted" and "for sale" messages for LPs, CDs, etc. which don't fall into the general "Jade Warrior-ish" music zone are best carried elsewhere (e.g. in the rec.music.forsale newsgroup hierarchy) and should not be sent to this group.

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Majordomo manages a disk archive containing materials related to Jade Warrior and to this mailing list. Anyone on the mailing list may retrieve files from the archive by using Majordomo. As of this writing, the archive contains all of the back issues of the Jade Warrior digest, a discography of Jade Warrior's albums, and a brief history of the group I wrote a while ago and have since updated (thanks to much valuable input from members of the mailing list).

To get an index of the materials available, send a message to the Majordomo, containing the line "index jade-warrior". This will send you a list of the files available.

To retrieve a file from the archive, send a message to the Majordomo containing the line "get jade-warrior FILENAME" (where "FILENAME" is "history", "discography", or some other file mentioned in the index). You should receive a copy of the file via return email. You may include as many "get jade-warrior FILENAME" lines in a single message as you want - each file is sent to you in an individual email message).

Many of the files in the archive are also available on the World Wide Web, via the Jade Warrior Home Page.

If you're just joining the mailing list, you may want to fetch the back issues of the digest to catch up on what has already been discussed. If the thought of retrieving and reading dozens of separate files is daunting, drop me a note - I have all of the message traffic stored chronologically (one file per month), and can send these large files to you in a more compact form (zipped into an archive and uuencoded, for example). Or, surf the digest archive via the Web.

Submitting files to the archive

If you have written a review, etc. concerning Jade Warrior, or have some other information or material which you believe would be of interest to list subscribers, please send me a message and tell me what it's about. If I agree that it's likely to be of interest, I'll arrange to have you send me the file and I'll put it in the archive.

Please do NOT use the mailing list itself as a way to distribute material in bulk (e.g. sound samples, artwork, etc.). This is impolite to list subscribers who have only limited email bandwidth or storage.

Archiving of mail sent to the mailing list

I plan to keep the digests available in the archive indefinitely, unless there's so much traffic in this list that the storage requirements become prohibitively large (we should be so lucky!)

Please don't send any messages to the list that you'd be embarrassed to have resurrected and reprinted in six months, or six years.

Why I'm running this list, and its web page

I've been enjoying Jade Warrior's music since I first heard "Floating World" on my college radio station back in the early 1970s. Their music has always been interesting and challenging, and well ahead of its time. Jade Warrior is still (as of late 1993) making excellent music.

They have been a seriously under-recognized and under-appreciated group, due in part to the poor support from their record companies. Most of their albums have been very difficult to find and buy (even when first released) and most been out of print in the U.S. for years.

With the release of the "Elements" two-CD anthology by Island Records in September 1995, there seems to be an opportunity for Jade Warrior's music to be introduced to a wider audience. There seems to be some possibility that other Jade Warrior albums (specifically, the three early albums on Vertigo) will be remastered and re-released.

I would like to encourage fans of progressive, world, and "new age" music, who are not familiar with the music of Jade Warrior, to give them a listen. Those of you who are fans of their music: pass the word along to other people! If you're a DJ, please consider giving airplay to some tracks from Elements or Distant Echoes.

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