Dave Platt's home page

This is the personal home page for Dave Platt .

The primary thing currently available via this page is a directory containing some Macintosh software. The files in this directory are the most recent reasonably-stable development versions of various Macintosh software products I wrote, co-wrote, or coordinate. They are either freeware or shareware - please see the documentation included with each.

Go here to find scanned images related to the stereo multiplex decoder project for the venerable Dynaco FM-5 tuner.

Go here to a bunch of miscellaneous stuff related to my relatively new interest in amateur radio. There are schematics of a few simple battery-charger/replacement circuits I've built, some interesting articles I've been given or have scanned, and some repeater listings which I build periodically using information retrieved from the Northern California repeater coordination council's website (www.narcc.org).

Go here to read about the set of loudspeakers I designed and built a few years ago.

Go here to reach the Jade Warrior home page.

Download this package if you want to do full-sizes scans of LP album covers, but only have a standard letter-sized flatbed scanner which can't scan the entire cover in a single operation.

This file lists a bunch of LPs (mostly ones never issued on CD) which I've rather laboriously transcribed to CD-R format for my own listening pleasure and that of my wife. It's a shame how much really excellent music from the 1970s and before still hasn't been issued on CD, either due to the perception that the fan market won't support a release or due to the loss or destruction of the master tapes.

This directory contains a collection of stuff I've gathered together in support of my interest in amateur radio operations.

This link will bring up a scripted Web page which helps generate secure, random, unpredictable encryption keys for WEP-enabled 802.11b wireless access points. It's intended to serve as a secure substitute for the poorly-designed "passphrase" key generation systems used by some vendors.

I don't have a comprehensive link up for the interpretive Adventure compiler I wrote back in the 1970s, but if you have questions about it, send me some email. I've put high-resolution copies of Bruce Beaumont's excellent series of maps to the 550-point cave here.

After many years of procrastination, I finally acquired one of those famous "round tuits" and studied enough to qualify for an Amateur Radio license. My callsign is AE6EO, and I can sometimes be heard on (or am listening to) various of the 2-meter repeaters in the Silicon Valley area. I'm most likely to be on 145.23- (N6NFI, PL 100.0, Stanford) or 145.27- (W6ASH, PL 100.0, Mountain View). My home station includes a homebrew three-wire dipole (wires cut for 40, 20, and 10-meter operation) mounted as an inverted-V, and a homemade dual-feedline "Copper Cactus" J-pole for 2-meter and 70-cm operation. I'm not on HF much due to lack of time to operate when the bands are open, but I do make occasional SSB and PSK31 QSOs.

My GnuPG (OpenPGP) public keys are here. My key transition statement (dated 22 March 2010) can be found here.